Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brianna & Ryan

Airika and I are so pumped about photographing Brianna and Ryan's wedding this summer! They are getting married up at Semiahmoo Resort near the Canadian Border, and it is an absolutely stunning location. For their engagement session, we went out to Discovery park to do a little exploring. Ok, maybe it was a lot of exploring--somehow, we managed to get 3 miles of hiking in during their photo session! It was worth every step though, because it was a simply gorgeous day to be out enjoying nature and photographing new friends!

Yes, I still like climbing trees... Is Airika worried?

After we wrapped up our session at Discovery Park, we got together at Victors for some coffee, and Ryan shared a little with us about how he proposed. It all started as they were playing Scrabble together one night. (This is something Airika and I stopped doing a long time ago. I think it had something to do with me winning all the time... :) Anyway, halfway through the game, Ryan got this brilliant idea to spell out "Marry me" on the Scrabble board. Spontanious, romantic, and brilliant--right? The only problem is that there are only two M's in the whole game. Try as he might, he could not find the two M's. The game ended in utter defeat. No proposal, and he lost the game quite soundly to boot. Was he deterred? Heck no! Brianna was feeling pretty good after her stunning victory, and accepted his request for a rematch. As they cleared the board to start over, Ryan quietly swiped the M's to make sure his plan would work this time. Ryan finally got a chance to play "MarryMe," and Brianna's first reaction was to challenge, because "MarryMe" is not one word--a clear violation of the rules. However, once Ryan produced a ring, I think she decided to let it slide.

Ryan, congratulations on the win...even though you cheated. ;)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vegas Baby!

This week Airika and I are out in fabulous Las Vegas for WPPI, the largest Wedding Photographer's convention in the world! One of our favorite parts of this convention is running around the strip with the rest of our photographer friends, shooting whatever we can find. Since we never did get around to sharing the photos we took last year, we have a few of them for you now....


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love is in the air...

Yep, it's February 14th, and for all you lovebirds out there who are getting engaged tonight, or are thinking of getting engaged soon--this post is for you. Ladies, need to give your man a not-so-subtle hint? We're here to help. Guys, do you need a little inspiration? Look no further.

We've put together a few of our favorite ring shots from this past year to help you get in the mood.

Happy Valentines day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Madeline: a newborn session

Our friends Paige and Tim just welcomed a brand new baby girl into their home, and as soon as they saw their precious little daughter, they asked us if we would take some newborn photos. To say that we had a wonderful time would be an understatement. Sweet little Madeline slept for nearly four hours, and was very happy to settle into each new setting we placed her in. We couldn't have asked for a better model for our first newborn session! Paige & Tim, congratulations--she really is as beautiful as you think she is. :) We love you! ~Airika

We found this bowl in Paige & Tim's cupboard and the red wall was just begging to be our background.

Tim's mom knitted this beautiful little blanket for her granddaughter.

Paige had asked for a photo of Madeline in this basket, and since she had decorated the nursery with orange fabric, we thought it would be fun to wrap her up in it like a present.

Madeline had her first home bath right at the beginning of her photo session. I love her expression--I'm sure you would feel the same way! :)

This photo of their new family is one of my favorites from the session.


Welcome to the world Madeline!


Seattle Newborn Photography

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Zeus, meet blog. Blog, Zeus.

Here it is. Our first ever puppy portrait. Seriously, How could I have said no to this face? I love this little guy! I would have taken him home if it weren't for the fact that I'd have to follow him around outside every day for the rest of his life and get up close and personal with his busisness. Eww.

We went out to the dog park at Marymoor, and were greeted by literally hundreds of dog owners enjoying a beautiful evening with their beloved pets. It was a madhouse--and little Zeus here was irresistable. I was amazed at how many dog lovers came over to drool over this cutie, completely oblivious to the fact that I was trying to work and their dog was drooling on my camera. I guess I can't blame them. I get the same way whenever I am doing something I love. In fact, that very evening I was so engrossed in what I was doing, that I carelessly stepped in something. Gross? Yes. But who cares, I was doing what I love...


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